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    Roger Maloney - The Journalist.

  • Roger Maloney The Journalist


    Roger Maloney is the founder of Ufront Media Insights news a media news company that creates and curates content across the spectrum of ebony voices.

    Roger Maloney has interviewed media leaders from the world of advertising, technology, social and traditional media with his show called The Spotlight with Roger Maloney. It is definitely apparent that he is no stranger to media, also having various experience working with and for media companies such HBO, KATZ MEDIA, MTV, BET, GREY ADVERTISING and EMMIS Broadcasting, Health Science Center, Billboard Magazine Music Conference and Social Media Week. Roger Maloney is both a speaker, event planner, and reporter in high demand, he has been a speaker for the Pivot Conference: SocialMedia Gives Back, which trains small business entrepreneurs on how to effectively use social media and to promote video content. Roger Maloney as a reporter he has covered conferences such the IAB DIGITAL NEWFRONTS, African American Women in Cinema Festival, The Ocktober Film Festival, BOOK CON EXPO, ADTECH Conference, VIDCON, ADVERTISINGWEEK, Consumer Electronics Show in New York City. His keen insights into media has taken him into the field of education as a media literacy expert and career development specialist for NYC Board of Education where he creates media-related conferences for various colleges, high schools, middle schools and elementary schools in NYC as well as program such as Building Partnerships for NYC Schools which connects executives from the technology and media with students on various grade levels.

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