Sean’s love of sneakers has transformed into a mission for the company that has 3 words “Appreciate, Educate, Elevate”.

    He has accepted the personal mission of making sure that the younger generations know the potential that exists for them in the athletic footwear business as not only consumers, but as the future professionals in the industry. Sean has been featured in various noteworthy TV shows, publications and web sites such as NBC’s “The Today Show”, Maxim magazine, Slate.com, and Sneaker Freaker just to name a few.



  • The Sneaker Vangelist with

    Sean Williams

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Drexel University Introduces Sean Williams as Rankin Scholar
    Tune in for an exclusive interview with Mr. Paper Chasr himself, exhibit photos, and much more as we embark on an eventful night that took place October 11th.

    Maxim's Gustavo Gonzalez, Obsessive Sneaker Disorder's Sean Williams and Jordan Heads Brooklyn owner Calvan Fowler discuss the who's the next Michael Jordan.

    Sean "Paperchasr" Williams of Obsessive Sneaker Disorder shares his expertise about the sneaker industry and his involvement in the highly celebrated exhibition 'The Rise of Sneaker Culture' at The Brooklyn Museum.

    Sean "Paperchasr" Williams of Obsessive Sneaker Disorder talks about the The Evolution of the Basketball Shoe

    Watch and listen as Ben discusses his career & his journey to become editor-in-chief of the number one basketball magazine in the world: SLAM! Please enjoy our 2nd episode, moderated by Sean Williams of O.S.D.


    If sneakers are not just footwear to you but more of an obsession then From the Feet Up with Sean "Paper Chasr" Williams is a show you should tune into. Sean Williams and his long time friend Dee Wells founded the first sneaker podcast in Aug 2007 . Since then Sean has spent a great deal of his life healthily obsessing over sneakers . In this episode Sean enlightens viewers on Nike's new "creation", the result of stepping on a black mans sneaker and Foot Lockers same day sneaker delivery service.

    This episode is themed around sneakers representing various forms of currency when it comes to breaking the law, and we conclude by asking a question that's buzzing all over internet about America's most popular sneaker brand.

    On this episode of From the Feet Up we're discussing "Augmented Reality" sneaker design, Russell Westbrook's new suspicious looking Air Jordan and the issue of sneaker prices being " Too Damn High!" Watch and join the conversation.

    On this Episode of From The Feet Up, how much can a pair of kicks from Michael Jordan's rookie season fetch? We give you a sneaker related definition of a "crackhead crime" involving Stride Rite, and we ask a question which we'll never get a firm answer for, but we'll ask it anyway! Join the conversation.

    On this episode of From The Feet Up, we find out what happens to fake kicks in Sicily. Then we have details of another sneaker deal that turns out to be "a drag" and last, we challenge sneaker lovers to tell us if camping out for kicks is still cool. Join the conversation!!.

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