• The Closet Bitchfollows actress Shana Solomon’s desperate struggle to please everyone in her life “but” herself … while trying not to fall apart in the process. This raw, unapologetic, one-woman dark comedy finds Solomon playing 19 characters in 80 minutes. . Watch as she spills scandalous secrets and tells totally true embarrassing tales, all as she attempts to come out of her shell and shake off a life-long fear of offending others.

  • The Closet Bitch Show

    with Shana Solomon

    The Closet BITCH Series Premiere Episode 101 | Are You Well Yet Clara?

    The Closet BITCH Episode 102 | Shana's Tenth Birthday Party


    The Closet BITCH Episode 103 | Lucky to have Each Other

    The Closet BITCH Episode 104 | High Times

    The Closet BITCH Episode 105 | Olga Borrows a Bra


    The Closet BITCH Episode 106 | The Sneak Out


    The Closet B.I.T.C.H. Episode 107| "Chacho tengo tremendo bonchinche

    The Closet BITCH Season 1 Finale 

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