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  • The Lucinda Cross Show is a show that helps women turn stories into brandable, marketable and scalable business models. She is a creative life activator, Life Coach and Small Business Consultant. Her work is about helping women live a life of fire, fun and freedom. Lucinda Cross is the best-selling author of “The Road to Redemption” and “Corporate Mom Drop Outs.” She is an internationally known speaker, contributing writer for Black Enterprise and The Huffington Post.

    Lucinda Cross is the person women call when they are ready to leverage and monetize their expertise and message all while creating products, programs and a signature a platform.

  • The Lucinda Cross Show

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    The Lucinda Cross Show  presents  TEDxSingSing| Creating a WE Nation 

    Lucinda Cross Show presents

    Pipedown Stay in alignment

    The Lucidana Cross Show presents Sponsorship and Support Ask yourself Why?

    The Lucinda Cross Show


    Lucinda Cross: Securing Sponsorship for your events pt. 1

    The Lucidana Cross Show


    How to create innovation for your Events Sponsors

    The Lucidana Cross Show

    BIG ASK BOOK Launch

    The Lucinda Cross Show


    Stop Discounting Your Expertise

    The Lucinda Cross
    Live on NBC Talking about creating a Vision Board

    The Lucinda Cross Show
    Venue Negotiation Tips For Your Next Event

    The Lucinda Cross Show  presents Activate Your Vision Board Kit by Lucinda Cross

    The Lucinda Cross Show  presents Live at the Activate Conference 2K14 Recap with Lucinda Cross

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