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Women CEO CONNECTORS at Advertising Week 2018 by Roger Maloney

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The female-forward session explored unique communities cultivated by Bobbi Brown, SoulCycle's Melanie Whelan and Kate MacNevin, Global President of MRM//McCann. Talking about the importance of community in office and across consumers worldwide, Melanie spoke about SoulCycle's recent partnership with Apple Music and how she knew this was a must for a purpose-driven brand. On having a community that demands more brand experiences, she teased experiential rides with musical artists are coming soon to SoulCycle locations in New York City.

When sharing advice with the crowd, Bobbi Brown expressed the importance of flexibility in the workplace and Whelan said she sends two thank you notes each night. The two also spoke about their flaws: Brown commented she doesn't have great attention to detail and Whelan shared that her past colleagues called her the "Chief Weed Officer" because she got into the nitty gritty.

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