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by Ufront Media

Welcome to Ufront Media Everyone;

Today, I have the pleasure to interview Mr. Chad Everette Lawson Cooper. He is an American performer, filmmaker producer, director, writer, and composer who specializes in the gospel genre. In collaboration with Alicia Robinson Cooper, his wife of over 24 years. Reverend Cooper is the creator & writer of the nationally touring stage play: CHURCH MESS, which is billed as haven been the longest-running gospel stage play in the U.S.

​Cooper is well known to theater audiences for his performances as William Gray in CHURCH MESS, and being the lead vocalist in the celebrated singing group Soul Tempo who was featured in the blockbuster film: THE PREACHERS WIFE. As a filmmaker, Cooper has produced & co-produced several feature films along with his wife Alicia Robinson Cooper, Hollywood Great Harry Lennix & Super Producer Mann Robinson. His stage plays are estimated to have grossed around $20 million in revenue YTD.

​Dr. Cooper has worked with a pantheon of iconic gospel stars.and has been featured in several national publications, Cooper attended Florida A&M University and graduated from Springfield College. He earned his bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Religion and a Doctorate in Theology.

Ufront Media - Tell me what inspired you to become a filmmaker?

Chad Lawson Coopper -After having toured in over 150 cities doing professional productions I could only still reach a limited amount of people. Through film I could reach many more a one time!

Ufront Media - Tell me what your film project is about and what inspired you to created this project?
Chad Lawson Cooper- This film is about two civil rights attorneys suing the US Justice Department for Reparations and damages to African Americans while bringing back time traveler witnesses such as Harriet Tubman, Medgar Evers & Emmett Till to testifying of their horrifying experiences and then it is deliberated by mixed cultural jury whites, blacks & Hispanics. I was inspired to write this because of the killing of for Lando Castile innocent black man killed by a white cop, when I saw the video it hurt my heart. I felt an burden to create an art through theater and film that could build the self esteem of the man and black people back up. black people back.

 Chad Cooper II as Emmett Till on the witness stand in the Movie Justice on Trial 20/20

Ufront Media - What are some innovative ways your planning to market your films during that Coronavirus shutdown?

Chad Lawson Cooper- Through all social media platfoms and our HBCU connections and my many many church affiliate partners.

Ufront Media - What are some ways you are planning to monetize your film projects?

Chad Lawson Cooper - Through virtual theater and Ultimately television. People are afraid to go to traditional movies. Everything is done virtually now. Virtual screening online is where people can enjoy from the homes and smart devices and people will pay for it.

Ufront Media- How has the Coronavirus shutdown changed the way you will create films in the future?

Chad Lawson Cooper - We were scheduled to kickoff the movie with AMC theaters on April 27 with big Hollywood premiere. When Covid19 shut down everything that was no longer an option, but it allowed to add more current events to be placed in the film such as George Floyd and other to the jury deliberation in the film.

Ufront Media- What was it like working with super star media executive Andrea Holmes Thompkins Founder of ACE Media Corp?

Chad Lawson Copper- Absolutely amazing, her commitment to get the job done and her reach is second to none!

Andrea Holmes Thompkins producer and founder of ACE MEDIA CORP

UFRONT MEDIA- Explain what was like working with actors as Alicia Robinson Cooper, Dorien Wilson, and David Arquilla. and Todd Bridge?

Chad Lawson Cooper - Well! Lol, Alicia Robinson Cooper is a powerful actress and songbird it’s aways a pleasure as she killed the part of Harriet, David and Todd were amazing to work with very professional!

Ufront Media- Share some positive advice for future filmmakers?

Chad Lawson Cooper- Start somewhere, write and rewrite test your writing out by having reading! Surround yourself with professional people that can take your vision to the next level don’t compromise in quality and don’t compromise the authenticity of the art this in your mind to appease others.

Ufront Media- Thank you so much for a great interview and everyone needs to go to and watch this amazing film now.

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