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One On One with Filmmaker

Shelly Christian

by Roger Maloney

Roger Maloney- Tell me what inspired you to become a filmmaker?

Shelly Christian- What inspired me to produce this project was being a teacher and also growing up in Brooklyn, New York, I was really inspired to show life from the perspective of the students who I see every day. I would say what inspires me to keep writing and creating new projects, is the unpredictability of my real life.

Roger Maloney -Tell me what your film project is about and why you created your project?

Shelly Christian - Fighting For A Second Chance, shows the struggle of two teenage girls struggling with different situations that cause depression. As a teacher I feel guilty when confronted with how this causes me to nearly lose my students, but I'm unaware of what's happening with my own child at home.

Roger Maloney- What are some innovative ways you're planning to market your films during that Coronavirus shutdown?

Shelly Christian- Unfortunately this pandemic has held up much of the plans I had to showcase my projects. Most film festival shows are postponed, so online platforms are the only way to market at this point.

Roger Maloney- What are some ways you are planning to monetizes your film projects?

Shelly Christain -The film appeared on the CBS program, "African American Short," and while it didn't receive a huge check, I am honored that they aired the film.

Roger Maloney- How has the Coronavirus shutdown changed the way you will create films in the future?

Shelly Christian- The shutdown inspires me to want to produce my web series even more. The online platforms are a huge opportunity to create a solid fan base, and there are so many opportunities to create funny series that viewers will consistently watch.

Roger Maloney- Share some positive advice for future filmmakers?

Shelly Christian - Never allow anything to stop you from completing and pushing you films, no matter how big the challenge, definitely make sure you get it out there.

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