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Movie Star Will Smith Live at Advertising Week 2018 by Roger Maloney

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Will Smith spoke at Advertising Week New York with Adam Stewart, a VP at Google, about being authentic and fearless in the digital age. Smith, who recently started his own YouTube channel, stressed the importance of avoiding looking at “the numbers” and getting out of one’s comfort zone by saying “nothing is more valuable than your gut.” He continued with “anything that is great, anything you love or you think is amazing in your childhood, someone once said it wouldn’t work...Fear is so constricting. It even to your thinking. Confront fear to maintain creativity.” Smith kept the crowd constantly laughing by dancing to “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” and with his re-enactment of his epic heli-jump celebration of his 50th birthday.

In response to being dared to jump, Smith said, “Oh, you want to challenge me, I’m from Philly son!" For the stunt, he purposely did not do any test jumps to create more authentic content. Smith also touched on his upcoming films being released next year, the live-action “Aladdin” film in which he plays the Genie character. Smith revealed that the film will be full of “singing, dancing, special effects, action, comedy.. it has everything”. He also teased Ang Lee’s “Gemini Man,” a film in which he plays a CIA assassin running from a 25-year-old clone of himself to kill.

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