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Miss America 2.0 at Advertising Week 2018

by Roger Maloney

Ufront Media Insights presents;

Transforming Miss America at Advertising Week 2018.

The Miss America Organization is going through a time of transition. In a discussion centered around proving the organization's relevance in a post-#MeToo movement, CEO of Miss America Regina Hopper, Chief Creative Officer of Y&R New York Leslie Sims, Nia Franklin, and the newly crowned Miss America 2019 spoke with New York Times COO Meredith Kopit Levien. Sims said that, as a mother, she wanted Miss America to go in a positive and specific direction. She noted Miss America could be a great experience for young girls who age out of American Girl dolls and need positive role models. The biggest change to Miss America 2.0 was the elimination of the swimsuit competition, which garnered the organization criticism and praise alike. Of the positive and meaningful change, Hopper said the new message made it possible for girls to be comfortable in their own skin.

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