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Katie Couric Live at

Advertising Week 2018

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After announcing her new venture of Katie Couric Media in May, Couric joined Horizon Media’s President, CEO, & Founder Bill Koenigsberg to discuss her next chapter. On Katie Couric Media: “The media landscape has changed so dramatically since I got into TV, but I never wanted to hang on for dear life [to the way things were].” She is currently trying to find talent – both men and women – to work with her at Katie Couric Media. “I’m excited to be the master of my own fate.” The first project announced this summer, will be a short-form online video series for theSkimm that will be sponsored by P&G.

On the Gender Gap:

She is looking to make a change in the gender gap with Katie Couric Media by giving women more opportunities to produce media content in front of and behind the camera. An idea that she become passionate about after the joining the advisory board of #SeeHer, an initiative the ANA launched in 2016 with the mission to achieve a 20% rise in accurate portrayals of women and girls in advertising and media by 2020. She shared the troubling statistic that “there are as many female CEOs as there are male CEOs named John in the United States.” On Millennials: She also said that “Millennials get a bad rap in some circles” but she is “inspired by the activism and grassroots efforts [from young people] across the county.” Couric was very clear about how she feels about the state of the country and called it “incredibly depressing” and “very upsetting.” On Matt Lauer: When asked about the sensitive topic of the allegations against Matt Lauer, she shared that “the rules have changed and it’s a very good thing that certain behaviors that received an eye roll or were tolerated before [are no longer tolerated] – “…the boys will be boys attitude is not permissible anymore.” She gave credit to the younger generations for standing up and making change. As she put it, “my daughters who are 22 and 27 have different attitudes about what is permissible [than older generations].”

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