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Interview with TAGIT Founder and CEO Ms. Ana Bermudez

Roger - What inspired you to create TAGit?

Ana Bermudez - TAGit is the product of a life-long journey of inspiration. I learned how to code in C++ when I was in high school. Taking a course in computer science expanded my imagination to just how much can be accomplished with coding. It wasn’t until many years later, after starting my career in finance, that I had an opportunity to work with very successful entrepreneurs and I would ask them about the inspiration that led to their success. The common answer was often about taking risk and “just going for it.” Their advice helped me learn about taking risk, entrepreneurship, and business development. These lessons proved to be valuable when I had an idea to create an app that would enable me to buy more shoes.

I would often find myself looking up information about the clothes and shoes worn by actors in TV. Who can forget the beautiful gown that Halle Berry wore when she received an Oscar for Best Actress in 2002? If smartphones and apps existed in 2002, I would have used both to identify and buy that dress, or a similar and more affordable dress in real-time. I created TAGit because I wanted an easier way to buy shoes while watching TV. I was inspired to create TAGit because I had an opportunity to take a computer science course in high school, study finance in college, work with successful entrepreneurs and business owners, and because I love shoes.

Roger -How does the platform work?

Ana Bermudez-TAGit is the mobile app that TV viewers use to buy items from their favorite TV shows. Have you ever found yourself watching your favorite TV show and wanting to buy what they’re wearing? If so, TAGit was created for you! TAGit identifies the show that you are watching, and it presents you with list of merchandise related to the TV show. If you watch it on TV, and you want it, all you have to do is TAGit.

Roger -Can you tell me about your background?

Ana Bermudez- I am an entrepreneur in tech, and a first-generation American. My innate desire to learn and solve problems helped me become a good student in math and computer science. I am the oldest of 6 children and I grew up in San Diego before moving to South Bend, IN to study at the University of Notre Dame. As a college student, I majored in Finance, minored in Italian, and concentrated on international business. Starting my career in wealth management taught me about business development, market analysis, and risk-management. TAGit is the product of my collective professional experiences and personal interests. More importantly, TAGit is now a brand that uses its success as a technology company to empower under-represented communities. We pride ourselves in doing well in order to do good.

Roger- How did you raise money to create TAGit?

Ana Bermudez-TAGit was funded with personal savings and loans. Our recent growth and success was funded by angel investors.

Roger- What brands do shoppers buy the most while using TAGit?

Ana Bermudez- TAGit is proud to work with retailers who provide merchandise from an array of brands. Our data shows that the majority of TV viewers are more interested in the merchandise, than the brand. We are proud to have an affiliation with Target, thus allowing us to offer TV viewers real-time access to millions of products.

Roger - Wow!! Thank you Ana and Congratulations to you for creating an such an amazing product and platform.


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