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Interview with ROGER MALONEY





Ufront Media- What inspired you to start Ufront Media?
Roger-What inspired me to create Ufront Media is that I️ wanted to showcase, interview and promote the all the new leaders within the media industry and put our their stories in front. The second reason is that I️ wanted to interview more people of color that are filmmakers, content creators, innovators in new technologies, education and much more because I noticed that many of them could not get press coverage until they reached the big celebrity status so I wanted to interview and highlight new people on they way to the top of their respected industries.

Ufront Media- What are some of the things you are most grateful for?

Roger- I am grateful to GOD has blessed me with ability just to be alive, be in my right mind and to know that I have been forgiven by his GRACE.

Second, I️ am most grateful for is that I️ have a lot of friends and a loving family that always keep me focused and encouraged on a daily basis. I️ feel that is important because when I️ got laid off from my last job due budget cuts needed thier support and prayers. I️ had to reinvent myself and figure out what is my first love is and I realize that is news journalism. I️ always felt that the job of a journalist is to seek out new stories and present these new stories to a wider audience. I️ feel we always see the same interviews about the same celebrity’s and the same media executives and nobody covers the new media executives and content creators on the rise and that is mission of Ufront Media.

Ufront Media- What are your plans for the Future for Ufront Media and yourself?

Roger- I️ want Ufront Media to be a news cable channel that creates the best one on one interviews with the new content creators you never heard of before. I️ would love to one day have Ufront Media become a cable channel like Vice Media or Bloomberg but still have that digital media company edge like Buzzfeed or Vox Media. I️ know that audiences get there news on various platforms so I️ want Ufront Media to be available every where. Second, the future plans for myself is do two things first to replicate everything I️ know in others and to stay on the cutting edges of everything that is new while still maintaining a strong sense of my History as West Indian Black man.

Ufront Media- Who are some of the media company's you admire and why?

Roger- The media company's that I admire the most is Disney because the company has done a great job to staying innovative with all the Disney properties they created such the parks, movies and products and when the Disney Company purchased PIXAR, Marvel, and Lucus Films under the leadership of Bob Iger all of those companies all made a strong impact financial for the Disney and they continue to create powerful stories and but they all stay true to their strong foundations. One of my favorite media companies is Marvel Studios because Marvel figured out their winning formula by starting their Marvel Cinematic universe with IRON MAN, Captain America, Thor and then the Avengers which were all connected and they all made alot of money. These films helped Marvel Studios become the most powerful movie studios in Hollywood for super hero content. Marvel Studios winning formula of creating a Cinematic Universe is so innovative that other studios are looking to follow Marvel Studios model to create their own Cinematic Universes and this success has helped increase the sale of the Marvel Comics books to increase their readership. So Marvel is winning because they stayed faithful to who their are as a brand and that is model for success I want to have with Ufront Media

Ufront Media- Describe one the biggest media executives you interviewed?

Roger- I had an opportunity during Advertising week to attend a panel called “The Adolescence of Content Marketing” with the guest speaker Mr. Jeffery Katzenberg CEO Dream Works Animation.

Mr Katzenberg said “Back in the 1950s when TV came along, it filled these gaps in the day that exist in our lives and whether those gaps were the free time people had before work or after coming home from work but before dinner, or some other time. That was the goal what early television did for our society.”

On the topic of Digital Media and Technology today-

As people continue to watch a lot of TV, he said, but with the arrival of new digital platforms, it’s opened up new “gaps” during which people are looking for something to do or watch. “Think of these [gaps] as the waiting time in our lives. There is an amazing amount of in-between time in which we find ourselves waiting — waiting at a bus stop, or for a train, or for a seat at a restaurant,” said Katzenberg. “What these devices have done is allowed us to fill that space. It started with texts and social media and casual gaming.

On the Topic of Content-

Jeffrey talked about his new partnership with Awesomeness TV a top YouTube Channel and the Creator Mr. Brain Robbins. He said that Brian is an amazing storyteller and he is producing high quality content and short form entertainment both in high quality production value and storytelling said Mr. Katzenberg. He said“Awesomeness TV will be the leader in tween girls programming and they plan to launch more channels targeting boys, kids and moms and these channels will be bigger than the Disney, Nickelodeon, and the Cartoon Network put together and he is very excited about this.”

My One Question:

Mr. Katzenberg talked about what inspired him and what the secret to his success was and he said “Always do what you love and try to go the extra mile in life, with your family, and your career. Second always go with your gut and your idea because when your idea is fresh and new it won’t make sense to engage social media with your first idea it too new but do engage and get feedback when you have an audience then you can get their feedback.”

After he answered the moderator open up the floor for questions and nobody wanted to ask Mr Katzenberg a question, so the moderator Michael Kassan then said this will be a great opportunity for anyone to ask Mr. Katzenberg a question and interview him so I raised my hand and the mic came over to me because I had one shot to ask a great question. So my question to him was as follows; Hi Mr. Katzenberg, My name is Roger Maloney of Ufront Media insights and my ONE question is that you stated that everyone should ask themselveswhat is the most beautiful thing to them? So when you find it? How do you build on that beautiful thing you thought about whether it be Travelling, Art or Music?

Then he turn to me and said what is the most beautiful thing to him is seeing and hearing kids laugh and he used that to find his passion and to build on what he is today. He continued to talk about how his former boss Michael Eisner called him in his office and took him to the window after they finished a meeting and pointed at a building and Michael Eisner asked “Do you know what they do in that building? Mr Katzenberg said NO and then Michael Eisner turn to Mr. Katzenberg and said Now it is your problem. Do something with it. Mr Katzenberg told the audience he didn’t have any experience in animation but he knew a good story when he heard it. He said that he never knew that his love for children laughing would lead him to run a animation studio that was created by Walt Disney himself. He also stated that instead of finding your passion you should build on your talentbecause that will lead you into your dream job and career. I walked up to Mr. Katzenberg and I thank him for give me the opportunity to ask the ONE that nobody wanted to ask him. He smiled and thanked me for being bold.

Roger- So for more information about UFRONT MEDIA go to

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