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Interview with Andrea Holmes Thompkins, CEO of ACE Media Corp by Roger Maloney

Andrea Holmes Thompkins is a 33 year veteran broadcast media sales and marketing executive. She is responsible for some of the most lucrative advertising sales sponsorship and campaigns, combining her interests in fashion, music and sports. Her media sales and marketing concepts have been executed in the highest rated programs in television history, including the Super Bowl, the World Series, the World Cup, the NBA, the NHL, American Idol, Emmy Awards, etc. Her roster of "A" clients, have included the top advertisers in all media, including; American Express, AOL, Burger King, BMW, Chase, Coca Cola, Chrysler, Ford, Kraft, Lincoln Mercury, General Motors, McDonalds, Mercedes, Nike, Pepsi, P&G, Toys R US, Toyota, Twentieth Century Fox, Visa,Verizon to name a few.

Andrea's Communications Empire, aka ACE, is a certified, minority-owned Women's Business Enterprise. 

ACE is a Branded Entertainment, Media Sales & Marketing Advertising Rep Firm, representing some of the top properties in the industry.

ACE specializes in integrations and sponsorship, beyond the traditional commercial :30 unit sales including interstitial, customized live remotes, digital and more.

After 20 years in broadcast media sales in NY, (WWOR-TV, WNYW-TV). ACE was founded in 2003 to fill the void of a minority owned and operated sales rep firm, servicing the needs of advertisers to reach the cross cultural audience. So enjoy this interview with Andrea Holmes Thompkins.

Roger-What motivated you to start your company Ace Media Corp?

Andrea- After a twenty year career with WOR-TV (WWOR-TV) in Sales & Marketing, I launched ACE Media Corp To fill the void of a woman minority owned and operated media sales rep firm. Servicing the needs of advertisers to reach and engage the cross cultural audience. I would like to reference Linda Yaccarino of NBC Universal being very instrumental in my career early on, she was responsible for my first million dollar contract in the business. (over 20 years ago)

Roger- How many members do you have on your team?

Andrea- On my team is Tyese Carmichael Sanders, Dedra Tate and Aundre Oldacre and we also hire consultants and interns as well.

Roger- Can you name of some the associations that you are apart of?

Andrea- Sure! I would love to. I am a member of SAVOR the SUCCESS, National Association of Professional Women, Advertising Women of New York, Honored by National Action Network, Woman of the Year, Bergen County of Business Woman of the Year, and the

Howard University Most Distinguished Alumni New Jersey. I also served on the board of HOPE HOUSE and board Member of Labor of Love Louisiana.

Roger- Andrea I notice that you wear the color red alot. What does that color symbolize for you?

Andrea- Thanks!! Yes red symbolizes Love it has been my favorite color since I was 2. It is a symbol and recognition of my brother who was murdered, my sister and mother died of cancer as well. My father he has heart disease but at 79, he is alive and well after quintuple bypass heart surgery . Lastly, It’s a symbol of shared success. Every time I close a business deal or assist someone else in doing so, I reward myself with a red dress!!

300 and counting !!!!

Roger-Name some of your clients that you have worked with and talk about some of your favorite campaigns that you created?

Andrea- Some of my clients include Toyota, Verizon, AARP, Kahn’s, Ford and most recently Chevrolet, have been a few of my favorite campaign advertiser, they were all first in their particular engagements and they've been my client we recently did an all inclusive integration with then and Wendy Williams. Kahn’s was my first Major League Baseball Sponsorship, with the New York Mets. Sports has been a huge part of my career, I sold advertising for all of New York’s local teams, including, The Knicks, The Nets, The Islanders, The Devils, Rangers, the Giants & The Jets,Toyota, was ACE’s first sponsor for an integrated marketing partner, when Tyler Perry launched, HOUSE of PAYNE on TBS and Meet the Browns followed. The vehicles, were featured as the family’s car. AARP, has been a sponsor of ACE’s “ FAB FIT & FIFTY “ initiative, honoring and celebrating the milestones, including Wendy Williams Celebration sponsorship for her 50th Birthday Ford, has been an ACE staple since OUR launch. Mr. Byron Lewis, Former CEO of Uniworld (The GODFather of this multicultural industry) supported all of ACE initiatives.

The current CEO of Uniworld Monique Nelson, continues to be a huge supporter of ACE Media Corp.

Andrea-We recently attended the 2016 Olympics in Rio and witnessed history, as young Shakur Stevenson from Newark NJ, took home silver in boxing. Ibtihaj Muhammad, (Also from New Jersey) won GOLD with Team USA in Fencing, and Carmello Anthony delivered an emotional speech after winning gold for USA Basketball.

Andrea- ACE, We recently added Transformation Guru, Lisa Nichols as a client. She is one of the world's most-requested motivational speakers, as well as media personality and corporate CEO whose global platform has reached and served nearly 30 million people.Stay tuned for more !

Roger- What is your definition of innovation and how do you apply it within your company?

Andrea- Innovation is the ability to DREAM, BELIEVE & ACHIEVE, To Turn #DreamstoReality. To proactively interpret, implement a deliver a concept from inception to fruition. At the ACE PLACE, OUR #ACEmazing Mission Statement is simply, Dream, Believe, Achieve, then Share with others to do the same thing. We first acknowledge that there is never a box, and proactively engage in OUR OWN lanes to be taste makers trend setters, trail blazers

Roger- Since we live in the era of social media. What are some of the social media platforms you love to use and why?

Andrea - I am an avid Social Media sharer on FACEBOOK ,INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, Snapchat What's App, Periscope and all that . The Facebook platform has afforded me the opportunity to share my original, positive early morning “ACEism’s” every day for the past six years. A Communicator by nature, social media has allowed me to share a ray of light, to inform and in some instances educate to the masses. I’ve accepted the responsibility as #JustAGirlFromPaterson being a role model and a voice, during such tumultuous times that we are living in. #BlackLivesMatter I began with, Good AM, that became GREAT AM, to GREAT ACE-M ! Instagram provides a platform to engage with the younger generation. OUR Company DREAMS to REALITY focuses on assisting others to realize their Dreams. (D2RLive).

Roger- What is your advice for getting sponsorship for your video & film projects?

Andrea- My advice to getting sponsors to connect with the content creators, is to be as authentic and transparent as possible. To listen, and engage, What does that normal engagement look like, that would take place even if the advertisers were not involved in a sponsored initiative.

Roger- Since we are speaking about content. Can you talk about some of the films that you are involved with?

Andrea- I am the currently the producer of BLACK OUT with Zoe Saldana & Jefferry Wright & Life Love Soul and I am the executive producer of UGLY. UGLY is a film directed another Howard University alum by Leron Lee a Howard University graduate. In Ugly, the main character Doug(Devon Moyd) represents the outcast teen trying to conform to his surroundings. We see him “struggle to juggle” two identities as he chases after Kay (Andrea-Rachel Parker), who is used to being the center of attention. In the trailer released in January, the character Mr. Thomas (Jamal Steven DeFrietas) Doug’s father, is speaking to a classroom, shooting down the theory of thinking outside of the box. In Doug’s case, he struggles to find comfort in his comfort zone. In Doug’s box, lies the existence of being himself, the lonely outcast teen with one friend who shares an interest in art and comic nerd culture. Doug seeks acceptance outside of his box. The movie BLACK OUT is about the black out in New York City

Roger- What is your advice or secret for having a long successful career as a business women in the media industry?

Andrea- My advice on having a long and successful career, is to be “True to YOU.” You must be as authentic, innovative, persistent and possess the ability to adapt to new surroundings at a rapid pace. To be a constant student, learning something new every day, to have very thick skin, To enjoy the ride and not to take everything so serious. To always surround yourself with someone that you can learn from, someone whom you can bounce ideas off of and someone whom you can teach, and lift as YOU climb. When I started in this business there were 5 television stations in the New York Market DMA and a primarily all male industry. Cable came along and redefined the industry. Today, Online Media, Digital Platforms, Content Creators & Distributors, have absolutely changed the entire game.

Most important, “I Stay PRAYED UP, in MY FAITH”

My Family is everything. My husband whom I met at Howard University 36 years, my two adults sons, My Dad and my Loving Baby sister and Niece. Lastly, I subscribe to a code of ethics that is Stay humble and Treat everyone with respect this a credit to why I am successful. I am Thankful & Grateful to have survived 3 decades in the business. #ManagingChallenges #LivingInSharingHappiness

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