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Thea Camara by Roger Maloney

Thea Camara discovered her passion for acting at an early age. She began to pursue her longtime dream with vigor in 2007. Since that time, Thea has had the opportunity to perform in various Films, Stage plays, Commercials, Print Ads etc. Thea Camara has trained under the watchful eye of Tasha Smith (TSAW), Susan Baton of Susan Batson Studio NYC, Michael McCracken of Vagabond, Jamal McNeil of L.A., Act 1 studio, Columbia College and Concordia University where she earned her degree in Arts. Thea has appeared in various projects including Dick Wolf’s Chicago Med, Spike Lee’s Chi-raq, Christopher Nolen’s last 4 films, which includes, I Left My Girlfriend For Regina Jones, Walk Away From Love, For The Love Of Christmas and 72 Hours. One of the films that Thea Camara worked on called Before I do, written and directed by Kimberly Conner; has selected for the 2017 Cannes Pan African Film Festival in France. Thea has been featured in Director Kimberly Conner’s last 2 films as well. She has also made an appearance on The Steve Harvey Show as one of Tyler Perry’s Biggest Fan. Because Thea has worked with the best Acting Coaches in the industry and has learned how to keep her tools sharpened; she has become one the most respected, well Sought-after actress in Chicago. Thea Camara is a consummate professional and highly regarded by those that have worked with her. Thea believes, “If you find your passion...You’ll never work a day in your life”. Thea Camera is currently working on a film directed by Mark Harris written by Tiffany Addison, & Marvin Nelson called Nothing Like Thanksgiving, Starring Darren Hinton, Dawn Halfkenny, William L Johnson.

Roger- What's inspired you to step out on faith and becoming an actress?

Thea Camera- After working in Corporate America for 25 years, I noticed that there was a void. Something was missing. So, in 2007, while attending a strategy meeting, I heard a small still voice say, "Today is your last day". I didn't question what I heard...However, I did act on it. I distinctly remember, gathering my things when the meeting ended. I said to myself, the last thing these people will see of me is my "Big Ass" walking out. LOL. It was liberating and one of the bravest things I had ever done in my corporate career. I felt like there was nothing I couldn't do. The entire process allowed me to feel extremely empowered. For many years, I'd managed to avoid the calling; allowing fear to hold me back. Not to mention, being worried about what others would think and say about the decision I was making. Honestly, I never took my age into account when I decided to go for it, I just knew I had to. Leaning into my passion, allowed me to become who I really am. Sure, there were (and still is) sacrifices but I wouldn't change one thing.

Roger -What steps did you take to work on your acting skills?

Thea Camera- I found a local acting coach. He had me read scripts and books about the craft. He gave me monologue to work. After that, I soon had the courage and fundamental skills to start auditioning. Since that time, I've worked with, Tasha Smith (TSAW), Susan Baton of Susan Batson Studio NYC, Michael McCracken of Vagabond, Jamal McNeil of L.A., Jossie Harris Thacker of BeFlyCreate Acting Studios of Chicago. I've currently signed up for Samuel L. Jackson's Master Acting Class. I'm a lifelong learner. I'm always thinking about how I can be better. What can I do to hone my craft? It's a blessing to work on the Gift that God has so freely given to me. I'm grateful for each and every opportunity I'm allowed.

Roger- Can discuss are some of the films you appeared in and some of your favorite directors you worked with?

Thea Camera-Sure, I've just completed a feature film with director Christopher A. Nolen called "I Left My GirlFriend For Regina Jones" working alongside Elise Neal, Trae Ireland, and KJ Smith. This is my 4th film with Mr. Nolen. The one before this one is called Walk Away From Love, it airs this week on BET the Her channel. I'm also working on a stayplay called "Roomies". It's written and directed by Dana A. Campbell. It's a 10 show run starting Dec 21st - Dec 31st.

Roger-How do you balance being a woman of faith and working as being an actress in Hollywood?

Thea Camera-I am a woman of faith and God is my source...He provides the resource that enables me to do all that I do. I take no credit for any of it. I'm so glad I know God's love for me, his power, Grace, and Mercy. I keep God first in my life. I have an awesome church family, family, and friends that I pull on often.


Roger- How do you market yourself as a actress?

Thea Camera-It's important that actors (young and old) understand that you can't wait on agents or managers to get work for you. Market yourself..."You are your "Brand". I've learned how to utilize the tools that are so readily available. For instance, I use Social Media (Instagram, Social Media, Facebook, Snapchat) because its right at my fingertips. And sure a lot folks use it but what makes the difference to me is, how you use. I'm strategic about what and when I post. Please follow me on all social media @theacamara
Demo Reel:
"Dream Big or Don't Dream at all"
Actress Thea CamaraActress Thea CamaraThea Camara on Twitter

Roger- What advice do you have for women you want to follow in you footsteps?

Thea Camera-Don’t ask for permission to live your best life...Today! Be courageous! After you’ve done all you do for everyone else...Crave out time and space for yourself. Do something with it that’ll bring you joy & pleasure. Don’t’ll look up and wonder why you didn’t just lean in! May you find happiness within and allow it to spread and touch others like wildflowers. #Love

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