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Fashion designer and Model

Ms. CLEO the Boss

Roger- What inspired you to start your Clothing Line?

Ms. Cleo -I was inspired to create my clothing line because I found it hard to find affordable clothing for large and tall ladies that loves to dance. I have always had a flare for clothing and fashion so my daughter and I just started sewing. My daughter and I design all my clothing and we want to keep the brand in the family and grow it to a global clothing line.

Roger-Tell my audience about your career before you started your fashion line?

Ms. Cleo- My career before my clothing line is the same as now, very busy, I’m still touring, dancing and modeling.

Roger- What was the response to your clothing line when you launched it?

Ms Cleo- The response to my clothing line is great. I have lots of friends and followers that are very positive and keep me pushing to be great.

Roger- Who is your demographic audience?

Ms. Cleo- I don’t have a demographic audience. I try to cater to all demographics.

Roger-What social media platforms you use to promote your brand?

Ms.Cleo- The social media platforms I love to use alot to promote and distribute my clothing line are Twitter, Instagram and FaceBook because I have built a larger social media following over the years. I also want to stay connected with my followers on a daily basis.

Roger -How do you get started in the porn industry?

Ms. Cleo- I got into porn by accident. I was a dancer and I was in a club in South Carolina and some scouts for Black Tail magazine was there. I did a spread in their magazine in the interview I told them I wanted to do porn the next thing I know I was being hit up for shoots in L.A. I guess I have lasted this long in the business because I just don’t see this as work it’s a career and I didn’t just limit myself to just porn. I also did nude modeling, camera modeling, dancing, fashion, and magazines.

Roger- What are your plans for the future?

Ms. Cleo- As for the future, who knows but the one thing I know is that I love relationships. I believe to love and live go hand in hand, and yes I do give out relationship advice because I love to help couples become the best that they can be mentally, physically and sexually.

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