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Academy Award winner Emma Stone at Advertising Week by Roger Maloney

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Emma Stone Live at Advertising Week.
Academy Award-winning actor Emma Stone joined Dr. Harold Koplewic from the Child Mind Institute took to discuss her experiences with anxiety that started at an early age. In a panel that felt more like an intimate therapy session for all to see and hear, Stone discussed the importance of being more open and honest with her anxiety.

Using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, she described how anxiety “is part of me but isn’t me.” Dr. Koplewic, who specializes in mental health issues with children, echoed that sentiment by saying how important it is to “make sure that a child knows they aren’t their anxiety disorder. If you feed it, it grows. If you starve it, it’ll go away.” Stone said it’s important to trust your instincts and guts. “Knowing what I wanted to do, which was to be an actor, helped me because it was the thing I loved the most.”

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